Our story

Intuitive Accounting is founded on a collective experience spanning well over 150 years and the incomparable knowledge that only experience like that can bring.

At the same time, with an eye on modern technologies and the Internet to change the way accounting is done, our firm is resolutely focused on making the future of accounting now.

Managing Partner Richard Dixon has had 25 years to perfect his skills in assisting small and medium businesses. So it was inevitable that when he came to conceive the idea of Intuitive Accounting, it was with those small and medium businesses in mind.

The idea at our core is to offer an intuitive approach. This is not one-size-fits-all accounting. This is friendly, informal and flexible accounting that fits precisely with what you, the client, need. In fact, the only thing that is fixed is our fees!

We use the full range of accounting software from Iris, to Sage, to VT, so that however you do your accounting now, and however you wish to do your accounting in the future, we ensure a smooth changeover.

We have also partnered with international software provider Intuit to bring clients QuickBooks Online - the number one cloud accounting software enabling you to integrate your business finances right down to your bank account, even from your smart phone.

Our team have worked for International companies, the Inland Revenue, Ernst & Young and Price Waterhouse Coopers. We have worked as Financial Director, Tax Advisers, Accountants, Payroll Providers and Business Advisers for a multitude of clients from builders to film makers. And now we are working for you.

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